Valentine’s Day…ugh

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it brings with it a lot of feelings. Sure, there are people in a new relationship that are floating on a cloud when they receive a big bouquet of flowers, but there are others that doubt the veracity of the gift. Let’s say you just had an argument with […]

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OMG, YOU GOT ROSES! (now what do you do with them?)

No matter the occasion or the type of flowers you have, you want them to look beautiful and last forever, right? Yep, here’s how to do just that. VASE Pick a clean vase that has ample room. Make sure that all the stems in your arrangement can sit comfortably on the bottom of the vase. […]

Valentine's Day

YOU’RE IN LOVE…NOW YOU HAVE TO BUY ROSES ( a guide to choosing the best flowers at the best price)

You have a girlfriend, a wife, etc… Valentine’s day is less than a month away. Now you have to buy roses, right? Not necessarily. There are many choices when it comes to showing affection on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re not ready to express LOVE with a capital L. Maybe you are head over heels in […]

Valentine's Day


I woke up in a funky mood. I don’t have much drive and I’m a little on the blue side. So, what holiday can I focus on…? Valentines’s Day is less than a month away so I’ll focus on that today. Maybe I’ll make a few cute decorations to brighten up the house and, hopefully, […]



I love having get togethers.I’d say parties but, let’s be honest, you have to have more than two people over to call it a party, right? So, we had two people over for New Year’s Eve and made an appetizer buffet. Appetizers are my favorite food to make and, coincidentally, my favorite to eat. The […]

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Fun and Super Easy Valentines for Kids

It’s time to start thinking about Valentines Day instead of waiting for your kids to come home from school with a reminder that tomorrow is the card give-away. If you’re reading this on February 13th, there are still several great ready to print Valentines cards in the following list, so relax and check out these […]


Well, Christmas is Over

Holidays are exciting and full of promise. It’s almost inevitable that when a major holiday has come and gone the reality of every day life takes over and I find myself in a rut…doubting everything about my situation. I looked to my calendar of holidays and saw that today is National Fruitcake Day. I can’t […]


I Want Things

I want things. Being a mostly practical person, I try to remember that material things don’t bring happiness. I understand the concept that no amount of goods will make a person happy if they are not already happy with themselves and with their own life. I don’t care! I am very happy with my life […]

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