I Want Things

I want things. Being a mostly practical person, I try to remember that material things don’t bring happiness. I understand the concept that no amount of goods will make a person happy if they are not already happy with themselves and with their own life. I don’t care! I am very happy with my life but, I WANT THINGS!

Yesterday was my birthday. Because my birthday is on December 18th (exactly one week before Christmas), I’ve never had a real birthday party. Well, I did have one party when I was very young. There is photographic evidence. The problem is, I don’t remember it. Besides, I am 56 years old now, and I can almost remember 1 party. Sad.

I spent all day yesterday with my husband…no work, just fun. We went to the casino, I played bingo (for three hours. I had NO idea it lasted that long but that’s another story), played some slot machines, and went home after picking up Thai food to spend the rest of the evening in front of the fire( and the television ). It really was a great evening, exactly what I wanted to do…except for one thing. I WANT PRESENTS.

My husband is not much of a gift giver. He will buy me anything that I want, but he doesn’t buy gifts. I know there are other people out there that are just like him; generous, kind, thoughtful, but don’t ever consider that people want surprises. People want gifts.

I think that opening a present that is gift wrapped with beautiful paper and tied with ribbon is one of the life’s greatest moments. It makes no difference to me that the gift inside is a cheap, ordinary item as long as that cheap, ordinary item is something that the giver thought I would love. The thought that goes into gift giving is the part that matters. Just knowing that someone thought about me enough to consider what would make me happy makes me happy.


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