Fun and Super Easy Valentines for Kids

It’s time to start thinking about Valentines Day instead of waiting for your kids to come home from school with a reminder that tomorrow is the card give-away. If you’re reading this on February 13th, there are still several great ready to print Valentines cards in the following list, so relax and check out these options I found on the web.

1. Adorable Harry Potter Printable Valentines

2. Recycled Heart Shaped Crayons with Printable Valentines

3. Recycled DIY Seed Paper Valentines

4. Pretzel Hearts to give as Valentines

5. Cute and Funny Pencil & Sharpener Valentines

6. Playful Magnifying Glass Valentines

7. Stranger Things Printable Valentines

8. Cute Animals Printable Valentines

9. LEGO Heart Valentines

10. Goofy Glasses Valentines

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