OMG, YOU GOT ROSES! (now what do you do with them?)


No matter the occasion or the type of flowers you have, you want them to look beautiful and last forever, right? Yep, here’s how to do just that.

Pick a clean vase that has ample room. Make sure that all the stems in your arrangement can sit comfortably on the bottom of the vase. Once you have the perfect vase picked out, give it a thorough wash with soap and water. Be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse. Soap residue can be detrimental to cut flowers, but so can bacteria…
Fill your vase with warm water. Flowers LOVE warm water, 100 degrees is perfect for them.
If you received a packet of fresh flower nutrients, go ahead and add it. It won’t hurt but it’s not critical if you follow all the other directions.

In order to stay looking beautiful, flowers need a fresh cut on the bottom of the stem every two or three days.To keep the design intact, be sure to hold the stems FIRMLY so flowers don’t shift around. Cut at an angle using a sharp knife. You can use scissors but then you run the risk of damaging the stem so it can’t absorb water efficiently. Also be careful that none of the leaves fall below the waterline. Leaves will rot and create bacteria.
Check flowers again in a day or two. Change water, give stems a fresh cut, make sure there aren’t low leaves in the water. Pull out any stems that have died, this will keep everything healthy.

Now that your incredible arrangement is set for a few days, enjoy! Roses can last a full week or more. Some flowers can double that!


1 thought on “OMG, YOU GOT ROSES! (now what do you do with them?)”

  1. Belle - says:

    You are full of fun facts! I just bought myself a bouquet of roses ($.99 on the clearance rack at the grocery store, steal!) and now I know that I need to go trim the steps and put them in WARM water instead of freezing cold like I usually do….whoops!


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