YOU’RE IN LOVE…NOW YOU HAVE TO BUY ROSES ( a guide to choosing the best flowers at the best price)


You have a girlfriend, a wife, etc… Valentine’s day is less than a month away. Now you have to buy roses, right?
Not necessarily. There are many choices when it comes to showing affection on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re not ready to express LOVE with a capital L. Maybe you are head over heels in love but, roses…how cliche and well, boring. Maybe you’d love nothing more than delivering a huge and breathtaking arrangement of long stemmed beauties but, have you checked the prices? What if you know her favorite flower and want to show off that knowledge?
These are just a few of the legitimate reasons to forgo the traditional, classic, iconic arrangement featuring a dozen red roses. If you aren’t sure that roses are the right choice, consider the following before you visit the florist.
Roses are always expensive compared to some of the other readily available flowers. For the price of 3 roses in a small vase with greenery and some babies breath, you can get a medium sized mixed arrangement. The mixed bouquet is not only cheaper, it will also be more fresh, and will likely last much longer than your 3 roses vase. Florists love it when you ask for a “designer’s choice” arrangement. Imagine how sick they are of making vase after vase arrangement of red roses. You have given them an opportunity to feel less like a robot, and have some fun designing something extra special. More bang for your buck, for sure! You can specify some details like a favorite color or favorite type of flower. Be careful, though. If you give too many restrictions, you’ve taken away the designer’s “choice” and it is no longer fun. Tulips are readily available this time of year, and tropical arrangements last FOREVER.

So, you’re sold on an arrangement of roses. That’s a great choice, but let’s make sure you (and your Valentine) gets what you expect; good quality, beautiful roses that will last a significant time, and not require a bank loan to make the transaction.

There are 4 things to look for when choosing roses. These are all critically important if you want a positive rose experience.

Feel the bottom, bulbous end of the bloom. Does it feel hard and tight? Yay! That’s a fresh rose. A rose will loosen up as it ages. A little every day, the petals become softer and more detached. One day they will fall off. Some people claim that roses are their most beautiful the day before they fall of the stem. I agree with this to a certain extent, but one day to enjoy the roses? No way, get them early and enjoy them in every stage.

Vibrancy of color tends to indicate a hearty and healthy strain of rose. There are some exceptions to this, but as roses will brown up before dying, that subdued color you’re seeing might just be the brown creeping up. Better safe than sorry.

Again, roses will often turn brownish while they are dying. Brown edges on petals are the first step. Skip these, and get the freshest roses you can afford.

Green foliage also points to healthy, hardy roses. The kind of rose that will last.

The last hurdle is finding the right venue to buy your roses. Where do you get these incredible, healthy, and beautiful blooms? Anywhere you want.
I know that sounds flippish but think about it. If the roses you buy meet all of the 4 critically important features; you’ve got the real deal.
Florists really do overcharge at this time of year. They can’t pass up an opportunity for such high supply and demand pricing. I don’t blame them, I just won’t pay it. Check out your local warehouse store, grocery store, or farmer’s market for cheaper alternatives. Just don’t forget to squeeze the roses.

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  1. Belle - says:

    This is great! I’m impressed of how much knowledge you have on roses, I didn’t know about the stems! I’d also like to say that variety in a bouquet is always more interesting, and you can always stick in a few roses if you chose to do so! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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