Valentine’s Day…ugh

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it brings with it a lot of feelings. Sure, there are people in a new relationship that are floating on a cloud when they receive a big bouquet of flowers, but there are others that doubt the veracity of the gift. Let’s say you just had an argument with your partner (not a big one but it happened…you’re getting over it) then BAM it’s February 14th and in they walk with a beautiful huge arrangement of the most incredible flowers you’ve ever seen. Am I the only one who might feel a little conflicted? I’m afraid I would think the flowers were a “requirement” and therefore not mean as much to me as getting flowers on a random day.
My husband and I are very much in love. We, however, skip Valentine’s Day, as a gift giving holiday. It seems forced, and expensive. I still decorate for the occasion and we celebrate love…but we try to do that every day.
I found this video on the internet which, in my opinion, addresses this very point. Let’s celebrate our love every day – Make Every Day a Holiday!
Check out @CoachMatthewHussey and his view on romance…

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